Meet The Team


Our Team


Jacob earl - brewmaster/owner

It all started with a vision and love for craft beer. After years of craft brewing for personal use, those early small batches were refined into the flagship beers Jacob has become known for. When he’s not busy brewing some of the most delicious beer in the area, you can find Jacob spending time with his kids on the farm. If you’re lucky enough, you may even catch him at the Tasting Room from time to time!


Melissa Earl - ceo/owner

The saying “Behind every great man there is an even greater woman” rings true here at Lumber House. Without Melissa’s leadership and entrepreneurial spirit, the Tasting Room may never have become a reality. No matter what obstacle comes our way, our team will always be able to overcome them with Melissa leading the way! Her love of music shines through, as we are always bringing in local talent to perform and entertain us every weekend. We dare you to ask her about her favorite band. ;)


Erika Covey - cXo

Erika comes from a very long line of small, family-owned businesses and is proud to carry on the tradition with Lumber House. Prior to joining us, she spent the last decade as a professional cosmetologist, serving our local community up until she had to change careers due to health reasons. Our Tasting Room experience continues to improve every single day, proof of the critical role(s) Erika plays here. When she’s not busy with LH, she stays busy teaching yoga, enjoying nature and even gardening.


Sara solvie - Floor Lead

With over 15 years of experience in the Food and Beverage industry, Sara has seen just about it all! No matter what life may throw her way, she is able to power through with a big smile on her face. Family and setting new goals are the values that continue to drive her. Sara can be found hiking out in nature or spending time with her husband and kids.


Brandon brewer - Chef/open mic host

Food, music, art. Here at Lumber House, we can never have enough of all those things. Lucky for us, this is Brandon’s background prior to joining our team. His integrity, honesty, and transparency is what makes him a great fit, and in turn helps keep morale high in the Tasting Room. Brandon runs our Open Mic every Tuesday, enjoys writing and playing music, as well as spending time with his family when he’s not working.


Joe Covey - chef

If you’ve been in to try our food lately, chances are this talented fellow cooked it for you! Our food’s unique, palatable flavor is due to Joe’s amazing creativity and dedication to excellence. We’re proud and honored to share that Joe served four years in the Marine Corps, and it was a series of circumstances and coincidences that brought him to us. He enjoys creating art in almost any form and video game MMORPG.


colton kingston - server

Love for craft beer will bring many people of different walks of life together. Colton’s hard work ethic, honesty, and compassion made him a perfect fit for serving our local beer community. Before joining our team, he was fortunate enough to do a bit of traveling and he’s got plenty of stories to share! On his down time, you can find Colton out hiking, playing guitar, or brewing beer with his brother.


Cari Korpi - server/insurance guru

Faith, service, family, and community: these are the values that drive Cari every day. As a result, those values are present at the Tasting Room every time she comes in to serve our patrons. If those weren’t enough, she has made sure we have been protected working also as our go-to insurance guru! She’s a business owner by her own right, which made for a perfect fit for Lumber House. Cari stays sharp by hiking, camping, volunteering, playing games, and spending time with her family.


chris farlee - Barback/server

Before joining Lumber House, Chris was a barista and bartender in Seattle. His constant striving to improve and learn is what makes him an important member of our team. Chris enjoys reading a book, playing an instrument, going to a concert or a show, and learning new skills in his spare time.



Fun and busy environments, a great work/life balance; these are the conditions where Tasha thrives in! That’s also what Lumber House is all about when it comes to it’s team’s longevity. It’s always great to have people like her to remind us of why our team is so great. Tasha likes to relax with her husband and dogs, or work on her yard in her spare time. Fun fact, she’s a self-proclaimed “bookworm” and has read 54 books as of August! Impressive!


richard anica - marketing / photographer / tech support

Bio coming soon.