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Lumber House Brewery- Tasting Room has found its new home!!!

In addition, there will be a new, improved and very different Mug Club for your enjoyment.  Lots of different & fun perks!
Other News:
The new LH Tasting Room will still be bringing your own food friendly. We have plans to have food trucks occasionally on Fridays Saturdays and Sundays.
The new LH Tasting Room will have indoor plumbing!!! Exciting huh!
This is just the beginning of our future, we will be celebrating Lumber House’s 4th Anniversary upon the opening of our new location!
We miss you and look forward to seeing all of you soon.
The most exciting of all news is enclosed on the link below!!  We couldn’t have made #10 without each and every one of you!
Lastly we will be sending out the “NEW & IMPROVED Mug Club Membership within the next week or so, keep your eyes open for that exciting news to come!
It’s with the UTMOST EXCITEMENT that we share with all of you the news of our new Tasting Room!!! 
We will be in Black Diamond- Diamond Squares. The exciting part is that we are hoping to be open just in time for Father’s Day Weekend!!!

We will have a full line of Lumber House Brews available.  You will also get to see the owners Jacob & Melissa and our staff, some new & some original members.
You will also love our new hours!! Lots more time for you to come and grab a mug, crowler, or even a growler to go! The new hours for our Tasting Room will be 4-5 days a week starting at launch.

During the last part of May, we will send out more details on the Grand Opening.  Our facility will remain family friendly, however puppy time is restricted.
We miss each and every one of you!! Your beautiful smiles and amazing hearts have pulled us together as a team to fulfill a spot for future Lumber House Tasting Room. With this new Tasting Room, we will be available to offer special event bookings and table reservations.  You will be welcome to call/text or even email us to secure a table for your enjoyment.

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Lumber House tastingroom images from the past.